Magnetolink magnetic support for smoke detector

Magnetolink magnetic support for smoke detector Maximize

Fabricant : Magnetolink

Magnetic fastening set for smoke detector Magnetolink®.

Quick and easy installation of the sensor (5 minutes).

No need screws and drill.

Ø 7 cm

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Magnetolink® offers a real alternative to fasteners with screws and dowels. With this installation system magnetized, smoke detectors are quick and convenient to mount and without any tools. At the same time, it is ensured that no electrical cable or other cable is damaged. In addition, the battery change and the operating tests are much simpler to perform.

The fastening system consists of a ceiling element sticker for attachment to the ceiling and a self-adhesive base having two magnets for attaching the smoke detector.

Please read this manual. Beware that this is out of reach of children and that no unauthorized person can access. Use this product only for the intended use and in compliance with all the explanations given in this manual.

Not suitable for upholstery in vinyl, Polystyrène®, anti-stick surfaces, surfaces coated with silicone or Teflon. In appropriate part for smoke detectors having less than 8 cm in diameter.


Pose systeme Magnetolink


1 - Install the ceiling element without magnet on the ceiling:

Make sure that the chosen location is strong enough, dry and clean (not greasy or dusty). If necessary, clean it with rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner. The all purpose soap or bathroom are unsuitable. Remember that the adhesive has been developed for permanent attachment. Because it provides instant fixation, ceiling element can not be taken off after the first press.

Take the ceiling element (that is, one that does not have magnets), remove the
protective film and stick the metal plate to the intended ceiling area. Press about 10 seconds.


  • The adhesive provides good security use, knowing that resistance continues to increase with time.
  • The special adhesive has been developed to be optimal also on rough and uneven surfaces. However, the smoke detector should not be placed above the headboard.
  • The binding capacity can also be reduced on the vaulted and irregular surfaces, such as wood paneling, varnished wood, plywood or solid wood against, just like on the coating

porous or damp.

  • Free surface particles, insufficiently resistant paint layers and several ceiling paint layers can also reduce adhesion to the ceiling. Because fixation is maximum as an optimum surface.
  • The dome light element does not need to be removed during renovation or painting, it can be painted without problems several times.


2 - Attaching the Base with magnets on the smoke detector:

First insert the battery and perform in a manner consistent with the full smoke detector function test.
Before attaching the magnet base (that is the one that has two flat magnets) make sure that the mounting plate of the smoke detector is dry, non-greasy and clean. If necessary, clean it with rubbing alcohol or alcohol. Be careful that the
contact surface between the smoke detector and the base is at least 2 cm.


  • The base should in no way be taken off and reattached after fixation. Each décollagemême apparently without alteration reduced the binding capacity and makes it unusable base.
  • If you need to replace the smoke detector in the future, the old mounting basecan be reused during the use of a single type of sensor, when the use of another smoke detector, the existing ceiling element can be used in all cases.
    The smell of glue appearing during the removal of the protective film is normal, without any consequences for health and long.
  • The attachment of the magnets on the metal plate is used primarily port security. It is for this reason that even dessérés magnets and mobile ensure safe and reliable ceiling mount.


3 - Ceiling mount the smoke detector:


Pose detecteur de fumee avec fixation aimanté au plafond


Put simply the detector in the ceiling element.

To test the hold of the ceiling element, pull the vertically smoke detector down. Since the force required is much greater than the weight of the detector, it is possible to ensure proper attachment to the ceiling element ceiling.

To remove in the future ceiling smoke detector, do not pull down, but slide iton the side of the ceiling element.
When the monthly tests, also press the base of the smoke detector and thus check the fit of the base on the smoke detector mounting plate.



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    Magnetolink magnetic support for smoke detector

    Magnetolink magnetic support for smoke detector

    Magnetic fastening set for smoke detector Magnetolink®.

    Quick and easy installation of the sensor (5 minutes).

    No need screws and drill.

    Ø 7 cm

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