The various steps to maintain your detectors

Installing a smoke detector is not sufficient, or the safety of your family and yourself, or the protection of your home. At law, it requires that each occupant "must ensure the maintenance and operation of this device." That is why we offer you to see the various maintenance stages.

1 - Check the operation of the smoke detector

Every month, press the "test" button on your smoke detector to verify proper operation. The signal should be heard immediately. Every year, you can use the smoke from a candle that you turn off to simulate detection. As soon as the bell rings, cast smoke to save the battery. There are also sprays to check if your detector works.

2 - Maintain your smoke detector

Vacuum gently on the side slots smoke detector to remove any dust and maintain optimum detection, clean the cover with a damp cloth once a month and one each back after a prolonged absence.

3 - Change the battery in your smoke detector

If it is not on AC, change the batteryyour smoke detector every year for alkaline and every 5 to 10 years for lithium batteries. Replace the battery when your alarm emits sound signals. They mean that the battery is too low.


4 - false alarms

If your alarm goes off and a false alarm sounds, it may be because it is in the wrong location. Check if it is not too close to the fumes from the bathroom, smoke from the stove or heating duct. Dust may cause nuisance tripping: clean your sensor with the vacuum cleaner. It may be that the sensor is defective. Try to place it in another room and if the problem persists, replace it.

5 - Replace your smoke detector

Replacing the smoke alarm every 10 years or less, we recommend that you replace it every 5 years. Note the installation date and keep them with the papers of your home insurance for example in order to refer to them as needed.