Plan your evacuation fire alarm

During a fire, there is a risk of panic, we recommend that you familiarize your family with the sound of the fire alarm smoke detector. For this you can use the test button. To prepare we also offer to train to evacuate the premises as quickly as possible and to prepare for each member of your family, two shots out of each room in the house. To make it more fun for your children décriver this scenario as a game Teach your children how to react in case of fire alarm and escape, to open a window thing ...

And how you react

The fire alarm goes off, put your family safe and check all the rooms in the house to see if there is no one left inside but also see if there is smoke or heat. Not move and touch nothing and made call firefighters. This prevents explosions, call air ... If there is smoke or heat in your way, take another exit by closing the doors behind you. In case of heavy and thick smoke, crawl to the exit and stay as close to the ground. Do not take a deep breath and use a damp cloth if possible, or hold your breath. Sorter your home as soon as possible do not stop to take anything. If you can not get close the door and seal there with rags, damp sheets call the fire department and manifest yourself in the window.