The key thing to know

To avoid risk of fire and gas leak detectors to be installed safely.

Smoke detectors are required in each DAAF home later than March 8, 2015. Following the Enforcement Decree of Deputies Pierre Morange and Damien MESLOT dated January 10, 2011

The principles of MORANGE-MESLOT Act:

This law concerns the installation of smoke detectors in the main housing

  • The smoke detector must be purchased and installed by the owner of the house, as it occupies the slot or put in rental.
  • During the lease, the tenant e must ensure the proper functioning of the sensor by checking the battery or replacing the sensor in case of failure, unless he holds:

    • a seasonal housing,

    • or sheltered housing,

    • or a hotel residence with a social,

    • or staff housing,

    • or a furnished apartment.

    In this case, the obligation to verify the correct operation of the detector is up to the owner's home.

  • It must notify your insurance company that guarantees for fire damage to the installation of a smoke detector.
  • This obligation to install a smoke detector should be carried out no later than March 8, 2015

The text of the law is available on the website of Legifrance.
The text of the decree is available on the website of Legifrance.

Practical info:


The smoke detector or Daaf (Autonomous Sensor Smoke Alarm) is a device that warns you in case of fire. This allows you to protect your family and yourself in your home regardless of the origin of fire (fire, electric ...)

b-How does a smoke detector?

The smoke detector analyzes the ambient air in the room and it gives a loud signal from a smoke detection. You just need a battery and it installs with 2 screws to the ceiling.

c-The Benefits of smoke detector:

The risk of dying in a fire comes including intoxication by smoke, this is the second leading cause of child mortalitys less than 5 years. Fires regularly occur at night when your supervision is no longer active.

With the presence of a DAAF in every room of the house, reduced the risk of death by 90% in case of fire. By installing a smoke detector you secure your family and home 24h/24h at lower cost as this is a quick and economical solution.