Sensor installation

That the smoke detector is the most effective it must be strategically placed. It is obvious that if you hang in an area that does not suit its effectiveness will be greatly reduced.

You asked or install the detector, which location? What detector choose? (A gas detector or a carbon monoxide detector). We take into account the specificity of your home.

1 - Your heating system type:


Choice of detector

Gas boiler

Gas sensor

Gas cooker

Gas sensor

Boiler (gas / oil / propane)

Carbon monoxide detector


Carbon monoxide detector or heat detector


2 - The architecture of your home

For a home to one floor place your first smoke detector in a hallway or lobby areas between rest and stay. Place the smoke detector as close as possible to your stay not exceeding more than 7 to 9 m, and make sure that the fire alarm is powerful enough to wake up the people in the rooms. For a higher 7 to 9 m distance, you have to install two smoke detectors.

In homes with more than one sleeping area, smoke detectors should be installed between each sleeping area and living rooms.

For a home to more than one floor, the best place to install the first smoke detector is the hall of the ground floor, near the stairs. In fact, the smoke will probably be detectable in the hall before reaching the landingupstairs and bedrooms. Your second smoke detector should be placed on the floor because the smoke detector on the ground floor may not detect smoke from a fire is declared in the floor.

Check that you can hear the fire alarm smoke detector in each bedroom door closed.

Install a smoke detector in every room for effective fire protection where a fire is likely to occur. (Living room, bedroom, office ... except kitchen, garage, bathroom).

3 - Positioning your smoke detector

  • Ceiling mount

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Hot smoke rises and spreads, we recommend that you install your smoke detector in the middle of the ceiling (the detection is most effective). The air is stagnant in the corners, the smoke detector must be removed. Install smoke detectors on a minimum of 50 cm from any lighting or other decorative objects that could prevent smoke from entering the smoke detector unit. Allow a minimum of 50 cm between the smoke detector and the walls or corners.

  • Fixing a ceilingSloping

In a room with a sloping ceiling, install your smoke detector 90cm highest point measured horizontally because stagnant air may prevent smoke from reaching the smoke detector.

  • The location of "rescue" the wall

If you can not install your smoke detector on the ceiling, you can fix it to the wall. The smoke detector should then be between 10 and 30 cm (height) 50 cm and corners. But we must be vigilant about the location, it should not be too broken near a door, a window, a fan or air conditioner.

  • Locations to avoid

The bathroom (very damp room and in the presence of steam), the kitchen (where smoke and steam is regularly present), the garage, a boiler in a room or area for smokers or other room where the smoke detector can be triggered by steam, condensation, legitimate smoke or fumes.

The attic or otherplace subject to extreme changes in temperature (below 4 ° C or above 40 ° C).

Do not install smoke alarms in extremely dirty or dusty environments, accumulation of dust inside the smoke detector can make the fire alarm too sensitive and cause false alarms. avoid also not install smoke detectors in areas infested with insects. The small insects that fall into the cavity of the smoke detector may cause false alarms. Do not install smoke alarms near neon because the electronic ignition can trigger alarm unexpectedly.