The different systems of protection:

  • Photoelectric smoke detector or optical

  • Ionic smoke detector (not to be sold in France)

  • Wired smoke detector

  • Smoke Detector radio link

  • Heat detectors and CO detectors carbon monoxide detector

  • Gas detectors

  • Water sensor

  • Smoke detector for deaf and hearing impaired


Photoelectric smoke detectors or "optical" unit is ideal when fire slow progression may smolder for several hours before igniting. The photoelectric smoke detector operates a light source and a photoelectric cell that converts light into a small electric current. When smoke particles enter the detection area of ​​the photoelectric smoke detector, this triggers the alarm.

Ion detector operates on the principle of ionisation of the air. A very small radioactive source ionizes the air which generates an ion current. When smoke enters the detector, it decreases the conductivity of the ionized air and disturbs the ion current. But these detectors are banned fromsales in France. Because it is the problem that a radioactive source contained in the ionic smoke detector could be found in nature, and also the danger that it may pose to health, its elimination is complex and expensive.

Wired smoke detector is a smoke detector with the same principle as the Daaf except that it must be plugged into an outlet.

Smoke Detector radio link function as the wifi system, it is set on a channel, and all smoke detectors tuned to the same channel will be interconnected. Thus, when a smoke detector in the group will ring, they all sound.

Heat Detector: its purpose is to alert you in case of fire. It detects ambient temperature exceeds a critical temperature threshold. This solution is in the rooms where you can install smoke detector had to humidity, smoke, such as the kitchen, the bathroom, the rooms have a fireplace.

CO detector is a detector standalone carbon monoxide. It warns you if significant presence of carbon monoxide in the room.

- CO or carbon monoxide is a toxic, invisible, odorless gas that causes headaches and feelingsnausea. This gas is released during combustion can occur in a boiler or in a fireplace. Carbon monoxide causes more than 300 deaths per year.

Gas detector alerts you when there is an abnormal concentration of domestic gas (Butane and Propane). The system alerts you when this presence is more than 20% in air.

Water sensor detects the presence of water leakage or flooding. It is recommended to install in basements or near the washing machines.

Smoke detector for deaf and hearing impaired is designed for deaf and hearing impaired. A DAAF is installed in the room and a second element is placed under the pillow. When daaf detects smoke, it causes the second device vibration and strobe flash to wake the person.